[16] Commercialism: Make it Mainstream, Then Kill it.

Ever had that experience of listening to something not-too-popular, then a month later it’s everywhere? Or what about that snack you’ve been enjoying because you’re the only one who eats it, but then little by little everyone in your school or workplaces eats it?

Most things are bound to for the mainstream road. Be it a song,someone’s fashion style and even the most homemade-spontaneous snack you could think of.

So have you noticed I’m writing this out of experience? Well disregard it. Either way, I still see the effects of money-hungry corporate dogs to the simple things in life.

I really don’t want to expound much on this rant, it just disappoints me at how the loveliest of things are blown out of proportion, disfiguring it and resulting into a sell-out. I just watched a documentary in one of my COM classes regarding the issue, and I really have to agree with it. The documentay’s called Marchants of Coool, and it’s in the context of teenagers in the early 2000-2001. Different as the examples may be with today’s, the idea still remains. The big-shot corporates find cool and package it for mainstream, and ultimately kill it.

Sucks. But then I guess the world won’t move on if we stick to one craze. They do help by helping people find something else, but that’s all the pro there is in the issue.



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