[15] Where is All This Incompetence Coming From?

Rant ahead. You’ve been warned.

Seriously. I’ve had my share of shallow and unable people who cannot – at the very least – comprehend what is going on in the K-POP industry and beyond.

It’s absolutely hard not to pop a vein, or stay composed when you’re dealing with such people. I’m generalizing for the fact that it needs to be. There isn’t a specific fandom that this applies to, because the problem is universal.

What is this fraction of the fan community that seems uneducated, so to speak, with regards to the technicalities, the realities, the facts and the updates? Must there be exclusive information shared around the fandom, only to be twisted and manipulated to benefit the concerned?  Information dissemination nowadays is undoubtedly not fully reliable – since we’re getting the majority of our information over Social media networks, it’s unavoidable that there will be a percentage of inaccurate information.

But really, where’s the harm in taking a few minutes to find out what really happened? I am irked at the fact that there are people who settle for mediocre news, just because it was the fastest to be disseminated. As I’ve mentioned in an academic paper I had to write: The speed and accessibility of news over the Internet does not compensate for the much more relevant issue of accuracy and quality that true journalism brings.

Beyond the lack of initiative and interest for genuine information, the issue that follows such ignorance is the action that results from such. Fans that fall under this category go ahead and ultimately proclaim their incompetence by aimlessly bashing other fanbases, much like that of an inebriated man arguing with a veteran lawyer on grounds of how much apple cider costs at Walmart. Really, it’s a no contest argument. Drunk man can never win. The arguments are invalid, moreover pointless. The odds are zero to infinity I guess. Manage as they might to get the opposed fanbase to retaliate, that’s all they will ever get. Truth of the matter is, it does not even benefit anyone, none of the parties involved will gain anything significant, save for a fleeting “bragging rights” trophy.

The accusations are what irk me the most. It annoys me to the bone at how so many fans believe in such nonsense, and use it to fuel unnecessary fire. It’s those kinds of comments and accusations that shame the whole of a fandom. By their uncontrollable bashing they fail to understand the responsibility they hold for the name of the fandom. This then generates a chain reaction of cyberbullying, to the extent of rumor spreading towards the idols of the opposing fanbase, or whomever.

The singularity of a fanbase cannot be determined. Honestly, there can never be harmony amongst different fanbases, let alone different people of one fanbase.

People need to learn social responsibility. Just because they can hide under anonymous identities on the internet, doesn’t mean they do not affect anyone else. Speaking the name of a fanbase automatically regards them affiliated — which the majority will assume, therefore there is no escape. It all boils down to a matter of responsibility. Respect cannot be demanded of them.

To selfishly manipulate information for the individual’ fans benefit is a petty thing to choose over the reputation of a larger part that makes up the community of fans. It is unfair, that the innocent cluster are dragged down into such a level of bickering.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that this can never truly be avoided. You deal with it or you don’t. I can deal with it both ways — with a retaliating remark, or the cold, indifferent shoulder.

It’s live and let live. Have patience if you must, but it will take quite an effort to shut them up for good.




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