[14] Just Forget the World

What do I want to write about? It seems that I haven’t been steering properly in terms of my writing. But then again, I can be a flexible writer. Where is the focus, though?

Questions that I ask myself, yet most often than not, do not find an answer. Only now have I attained a realization of the importance of writing in my life. Well, honestly, I do know that it is important, I had only just gotten an epiphany of its greater importance.

Anyone can write, but not everyone can write well. I think I do regret not spending more time poring over books and other material to help me improve the way I write. I seem to have become rusty. Oh, just a few days ago I had managed to remember my xanga blog. I smiled at the thought of how immature my writing was. Plainly blatant, no organization of thoughts, too many punctuations, unnecessary words – typical blog for a thirteen year old, I presume?

I’m glad to have been assured of improvement over the past few years, at least. My mum says that I have learned how to focus on a singular idea when I write papers for school. Apparently, I never did notice until she had told me. I guess it was an unconscious action, propelled by who-knows-what. At least I’m writing on a different level now.

I am most comfortable with writing fan fiction – which some may say is shallow – but I don’t mind. I know that I can write prolific entries, and be able to present it in such a way that people get my signature taste in the narrative. I’m glad to have established that as well. Another I would say I am adept at is this, freely writing my thoughts. But you cannot really measure the caliber of personal thoughts, as it is different for everyone. But if you were to say that you publicly post your thoughts, I guess an indicator would be how people react. If they had gotten the gist of your message, your rant, your realization, then that might just be a success indicator, so to speak.

I’ve recently just got into writing Album analyses — not really reviews, I’m no expert at the technicalities and formalities of it. It’s basically my take on a new release. I try my best to make it as fair as possible, no biases. Which was probably why I started off with artists whom I listen to, but not a total fan of, to practice such decorum.

What else? With regards to my writing, I guess I really need to write more often than I usually do, to practice myself and to improve my vocabulary even more, as I get stuck with the same old phrases, clauses, expressions and idioms. So far, I do think I’m doing good, but there will always be room for improvement.

I’d like to explore even more avenues for me to write. I’m not the best writer out there, although I do wish that I be included in some sort of roster, or get recognized for writing. I know that it will take time, I don’t mind. One of my goals is to get on Freshly Pressed, and so hard work, here I come.

Just for the record, I’m bad with endings, because I love writing cliffhangers. It just stuck onto me, and now I cannot end things properly. Take this for example, I’m just groping around for a proper ending. Oh, also with titles, I have a hard time with the relation of the titles to my entries — this goes for anywhere and anything I write. I have the mentality of getting lines from songs, books, phrases and quotes to pin up as my titles, because it gives a mysterious vibe to what I really am writing about. Call it mediocre, unethical, unprofessional, whatever you may. That’s how I write, but  maybe it will change somehow.



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