[NP#3] Before U Go

Looks like I’m concluding my blog series about best friends (NOT). I doubt it, I might have a hangover and post for the next few weeks if I’m not lazy to do so. But yes, my best is going back to New York. Inevitable.

Yesterday, I was fipping through channels and ended up watching Valentine’s Day on HBO. Whoopdeedoo, now I’m seriously on a giddy high. I downloaded the soundtrack, because the songs were all so good. Anyway, here’s a playlist I got out of the movie, and what I’m feeling. I want to blog it all out, but it might be too risky! Plus, I need to study.

1 Joe Brooks – Superman

2 Rocket Summer – So Much Love

3 Steel Magnolia – Keep on Lovin You

4 Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber – Next to You

5 Jordin Sparks – One Step at a Time

6 Jay Park – Bestie

7 Good Charlotte – The River

8 Neyo & Rihanna – Hate that I Love You

9 BEAST – I Like You the Best

10 Augustana – Angels

11 TVXQ – Before You Go

12 Leighton Meester ft. Robin Thicke – Somebody to Love

13 Taylor Swift – Today was a Fairytale

14 Joss Stone – 4 and 20


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