[09] On KPOP and Breaking Stereotypes (Part 1/2)

It’s a pity how people stereotype, and end there. Once they think they have an idea of someone’s personality, they’re okay with that illusion, because they can control it, and they can ‘reshape’ that someone to their ideals. Knowing their true personality is somewhat like getting out of their comfort zones, because 1) they might be too lazy to do so, or 2) They dislike the truth because the illusion saves them time and it gives them comfort.

In this context, I’d like to pen (or type) down how I’ve come to realize that even the biggest fans – those in the fandom – stereotype their idol groups/stars. In particular, is So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s Jessica, who, I know, for many of you reading, have already associated her as the Ice Princess. Don’t lie, the moment you read her name, you thought of Ice Princess, a cold, indifferent and introverted person.

Do we really see her like that? If you are an attentive S♥ne, you would know that this isn’t her true personality (Just like how Kamilias know how Gyuri isn’t really an airheaded goddess.) but a front, a mask to protect her. I would like to enumerate those times where the So Nyeo Shi Dae members themselves said that Jessica isn’t really a cold person, but in reality she is a fragile, caring young woman. Most would understand this and find it reasonable, but for the rest who have nothing but the faint idea of her being an Ice Princess – because that’s what she shows in variety shows, guestings etc., they would hold onto that.

Speaking of which, those with ‘limited’ understanding and knowledge of Jessica have stereotyped her as such, and referring to my introduction, remain comfortable with that fact. This is where the rumors begin. This is where antis lay down their foundation. Being too lazy to find out more and being selective with the things they hear, enables them to falsely fuel their dislike. This doesn’t just go for Jessica, but for idol stars in general who are “labeled” by the majority (or at least, those who enjoy pointing out particular things about an idol and giving them nicknames in lieu with it.)

They use their knowledge – or lack thereof as ammo to hate on the artist. They keep bringing the issue up for every single show they appear on, pointing out that particular quality that makes them “unappealing” or whatnot. Truly, it’s a blinded society. No one really bothers to do their homework – to at least take time to find out what
the real personality of the artists are.

I wouldn’t know what else to think, it’s just that I find these people with nothing else to busy themselves with. It’s a pity and shame how they have all the time in the world to find every flaw in the artist, but never at least one good quality. They think they’re oh-so-holy and don’t have the same flaws and shortcomings.

Focus on your own fandom; if you dislike a certain group or idol star, leave them be. It’s as easy as that, don’t let
your stupidity get to you and consume you.

Fans, don’t let them antis get to you, for they also take pleasure in flaring tempers and provoking dedicated fans.

Lemme know what you think about these hypocritical antis. Whatever your fandom, I’m sure you hear things about your biases, which you know isn’t real.

Will continue on another post.


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