[07] Movie Write-up: Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

'Til Death Do Us Part

This movie gives a whole new meaning to the wedding vow “‘Til Death do Us Part.”

Mr. & Mrs. Smith may have been a 2005 film, but it has not faded from memory – most especially not in mine. I’ve decided to make a write-up about this for two reasons. One being it screams to be written about, and two, it’s my favorite movie ever. Therefore, you might find this to be speckled with my ultimately personal comments, [read as: fangirling moments] so be warned!

I would like to give props to the people responsible for casting Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as the lead stars of the movie. Their chemistry is nothing but perfect! Watching the movie, you would assume that they’re married in real life, when in fact, this is the movie where they first “met” and ultimately began their love story – so to speak.

What I noticed about the movie was that there was minimal use of dialogue, and more of actions.  (Obviously, it’s an action film, Niki.) But the thing is, you never really needed that much verbal information to understand the movie itself. Angelina’s gestures –yes even her eyes! made the biggest of impacts. I am fan of hers with the way she delivers her lines, movements and ultimately her character synchronization — by that I mean the way she embodies the role of Mrs. Smith.

Oh the genre could be but plain humor! I know it’s an action movie, but you can never leave out its humorous qualities. The first time I had watched this, I wasn’t prepared. I kept anticipating that someone would die in the middle of the movie – yes, people did die, but not either one of the lead characters, obviously – but then it always transitions into or from a humorous scene, which kept the fun going. It never stopped, since Vince Vaughn was there to provide the sarcasm and cynical humor, if I may say.

I enjoyed the weapons, the headquarters, the preferred ‘killing’ styles of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I couldn’t say much for John’s tactics, it’s a bit sloppy but he gets the job done. He’s a man, and he likes to get his point across right then and there. Which was why they (John & Jane) had a hard time coordinating with each other during the end bit of the movie. It was laugh to see the two lethal assassins-slash-married couple bicker while running away from their respective agencies who were tasked to kill them.

I love the fact that Jane (Angelina) was more of a sharpshooter than John. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not lowering men’s self-esteem or pride, but really, if you watched the movie, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

The cinematography is incredible, I loved every action scene, every tense moment, every explosion and chaotic event. One really good thing about it was also the way the lead characters stood out amidst a sea of civilians. They themselves were wearing civilian clothes, but their presence was just too strong, the camera didn’t need to focus on the leads and blur out the extras for the most part.

Another plus for me was the soundtrack. I actually downloaded most of the tracks, with Mondo Bongo & Nothing But a Good Time as my favorites. The former track was played when the couple met at Bogota, and this was their (dirty) dance track. Simply sexy, and romantic. The latter, was played during this one mission, and John had this song playing in his Sand Buggy (or whatever vehicle he was driving at that moment). It was just a song that put a smile to my face.

These are just the things I found splendid in the movie. It was worth watching and re-watching, I actually just popped it into my DVD player this morning, and that started my day on a high note. Some of you may find the storyline vague, shallow, or weird, but really, it’s a good movie.

Plus, you’ll love the beginning &the end. The marriage counseling scene? It’ll strap you into your seat.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this movie gets a 9.5


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