[06] A Writer’s Heart, An Artist’s Hand

A few minutes ago, something re-sparked my heart for the arts.

Not too long ago — two weeks (or so) back, I decided to create this wordpress, to restore my love for writing, and to bring back that luster into the things I pen out. It’s a training of sorts, I told myself, when I return to face my academic duties – being shaped in writing would be my best bet to score high. It wouldn’t count for majority of my grade, but it would still count, most definitely.

So, with that writer’s candle rekindled, I’ve sought to relight my second candle: Drawing.
I’ve been an “okay” artist, drawing in my free time, drawing at home, doodling on notebooks. I never could do females, until I actually tried cartoon females. It turned out alright, but nonetheless I stuck to working my forte, drawing males – cartoon and anime styles. I seriously learned how to draw with my cousin with our subject of interest: Pokemon. She had a Learn to Draw Pokemon book, but we ended up tracing it onto tracing paper (which, we had to stealthily “borrow” from her older brother) and voila, a full page of Pokemon scribbled onto translucent paper by a pair of nine year olds.

I found out a bit later I could do sketches of still life, and even mobile. At my grandparents house, I decided to browse through my grandpa’s National Geographic magazines. I found an issue where they featured Tigers,and man were they beautiful. If I had forgotten to mention, I absolutely adore animals. Tigers are my second favorite, next to Grey Wolves. Anyway, I decided to challenge myself. I took out a fresh sheet of paper, pulled out a Number Two pencil and started to sketch the photographed tiger from the magazine. An hour or so later, I came up with my not-so-accurate replica of the Tiger bathing in a rain pond. I surprised myself, I was able to do it.

After that, I was able to copy more. I once drew my brother, and as far as I could go with realistic drawing, it was an approved drawing. In my free time when I was in high school, I had photos of KPOP artists in my wallet, and I figured, hey, I’ve nothing to do for the next half hour, why not practice? So I ended up with about three drawings of SHINee’s Onew. I became addicted to perfecting the drawings, with every repeat, I was able to get closer and closer to the original. My waterloo was the mouth, I became frustrated everytime I had to draw the mouth. Come to think of it, even the eyes and fingers, I had such a difficult time with. But at least I had always completed the drawings.

Just a few minutes ago, my blockmate showed me a .gif of someone’s detail outline-sketch-coloring-retouching of Super Junior’s Donghae. I was amazed. A pang of jealousy first hit, though, but once I was over it, I told myself not to sulk and cry over it. I told myself to build a bridge and get over it. So now, I’m psyching myself up, that if I want to be as good as them, I’d have to practice. Drawing is a talent, yes, but getting better needs training and practice, and most definitely perseverance.

It’s nice to have people acknowledge your work, it keeps your spirits up, but you have to keep yourself in check. Not too high, don’t go over your head. Learn to thank people when they appreciate your work, but continue to strive to excel and improve. You don’t stop just because ‘Ten people like your drawing’ or whatever. You keep doing it, not for the glory, but because you love it. It goes for everything you have the talent to do.

It used to be a hobby of mine, but I’m rethinking whether I should go into Graphic Design. I gathered my thoughts and decided that I won’t. I can stick to drawing as a hobby, it’s a leisurely activity for me, and although I’ve problems with certain things to draw, it never gives me stress.

Writing and Drawing were and will always be my first loves in life. I learned to become artistic with these two, they go hand in hand. I wrote “books” when I was little, and those picture books would always fuel me to make more, (plus monetary incentive from an uncle made me even more passionate, haha, kidding!) and I absolutely enjoy it.

Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to finish one of my works and have it printed and published.

Whatever love I’ve found in something new, I’m always rooted to writing and drawing, it’s my talent, if I may say so myself. Although I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, I’m needed as much as the other tools.



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