[05] Figments of your Imagination

I woke up today, and I was  quite appalled. For about two days now I’ve been dreaming vividly, in HD. But that’s not the ‘woah’ part of it. The appalling part of it is that I clearly remember majority of what I had dreamed about. Usually (and normally) I would forget half my dream in five minutes — which is also of scientific credibility. Therefore I should forget my dream in a matter of 10 minutes.

But today I was basking in my dream for a good fifteen minutes or so. If I wake up -startled- in the middle of my dream, everything would be gone in a snap. It didn’t happen to me today!

Anyway, if you were wondering what I was dreaming about, it was f(x)! While I’m typing this out, I come to realize that I never noticed Victoria in my dream. She wasn’t there! Luna, Krystal, Sulli & Amber were present, but no Vic umma. Funny.

I want to get into the details of my dream, but it seems too tedious. I’ll just give an outline (also, in that way, I won’t forget!) of it.

>There’s a sort of island resort, and f(x) and I just swam it. Save for Amber who grabbed onto the back of a jetski and got there first. Funny because I can’t even swim.
>Went around this market-like place, like a local grocery. Bought a lot of food. I was panicking around, looking for something to eat, because Luna was at the cashier already. I ended up getting nothing. (Boo me.)
>There was an old (and creepy) house (or was it a mansion, I don’t recall, the size was in between.) We were playing around. It had a creepy feel to it, but it wasn’t scary.
>Sulli and I were best bros and Luna too! Okay, you can hunt me down now. What about Krystal & Amber? They were in their own world. (Boy, I sound bitter.)

Okay now, it’s fading away. I can’t recall the things that happened at the mansion. Oh man! Oh well. It was a fun dream though.

Have I ever told you about the time about I dreamed about SoShi? With SeoHyun giving me a high five, YoonA hugging me? Well, that’s a different story. Wouldn’t want you to block me and ultimately throw me into writers’ oblivion.



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