[02] I Don’t Need an Excuse

It’s time I analyzed the way I write.  Not an in-depth analysis, but just an overview perhaps, or just to shed light.

When I write short stories — or my forte, fanfiction, I tend to use the third person POV. That’s nothing special, yes I know. Although I’d like to point out that all the ideas gush out when I write this way.

Also, paired with the 3rd Person POV, I write in a very descriptive way. Sometimes get carried away over one small detail. When this happens though, I tend to err when the story progresses – especially if it’s more than one part. I become inconsistent with the detail of setting, of condition, etc. It’s something I need to fix . I’m quite inattentive and get so absorbed with what I’m writing that the technical details I forget.

I’ve basic knowledge in writing news articles & feature articles, but that knowledge has been sent to the back of my mind. I would like to write if the opportunity arises, but in fear of creating amateur pieces, I tend to retreat and decline the chances to do so.

I have also noticed that I now have the problem of not knowing how to end essays and certain pieces. The ending explodes and creates such a disturbing mess that I shouldn’t have made an ending at all. I don’t know if it is because of my fanfiction writing that is usually continuous – like a series – that ending becomes difficult for me. Quite frankly I am disappointed at the way I end my written works.

When I write a blog entry about a thought or such, I also tend to pull ideas from a song or phrase that has struck me. Again, nothing special, but I feel at ease when beginning a piece if I have gotten to listen to something good. Or even a simple part of a storyline that has piqued my interest will cause me to continue it/ change the plot, etc. I’ve the urges to continue something I find very interesting. Take for example Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons, the deprivation of a romantic plot almost urged me to write one. Thankfully I found one on the web, and such has appeased me. The point is, if I tend to like something, or even dislike something from a certain situation/story, I will have the urge to do something about it through writing.

I have a hard time, sometimes in writing something longer than three parts, because I tend to lose the inspiration and focus. That’s why I fear writing long works, but at the same time, want to  do so. It’s quite a terrible dilemma.A story of mine tends to lose its’ focus and excitement when I try to add something after the climax. It’s supposed to decline, yes? As called for by the rule of the plot, yet I choose to separate from the convention and end up ruining the story. Again and again, I repeat this, which is quite uncalled for. I need to get it out of my system.

As of now these are all I remember and notice about the way I write. If ever more comes up, I shall return to edit (or maybe continue it in another post) this and try to change all I’ve been doing. If I begin writing fiction and post here, I will be sure to take note. Cheers!



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