[01] Something Fresh

Starting new is always something good. The word refresh -to me- embodies the very meaning it carries. It flushes out every stressful feeling, every discomfort and concern you might have. Everyone yearns to start over, and so my opportunity to start over in terms of a writing blog has come. I could’ve started earlier, but I felt that now was the perfect time to do so.

I feel like an un-sharpened knife with my writing ability. I noticed I have the tendency to spell things wrong, or read wrongly. My theory is that I’ve been exposed to the Internet too much – with my activities being listening to music and viewing photos – downed my ability to be a literate person. I also now have the tendency to think longer about what appropriate word to use in my sentences, as my vocabulary has not expanded much. I’ve been idle, honestly, and it does not benefit me.  I need to return to reading, I need to expand my vocabulary, and re-develop that burning passion to write with the standard I had set before. I will compose mediocre works, and make sure that every entry I type down and publish will be worth reading, with the fluency and literacy -I possess- that I need to rekindle.

This shall conclude my cornerstone post. I will try my hardest to maintain this blog and pour out the overflow of ideas, constructing them and creating a definite yet abstract piece every single time I write.



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