The Five People You Meet (SUITS Version)


If in this world, you are like me and you see yourself as the Mike Ross in this Pearson-Specter world, then you should remember these five people you meet.

They will either make you or break you, so you better learn how to read people and understand their roles in your life.

You will encounter success, heartbreak, failure, promotion, happiness, and even hopelessness, which all serves a purpose in the long run – and so do these people.

These are the kinds of people who will hammer you into a worthwhile individual – but you still have the final say what you become: a masterpiece, or a failure.


Engineers and Lit Majors

My best friend and I are polar opposites. We rarely have mutual interests, but when we do, it’s absolute common ground. We’re the type of best friends who did not become acquainted over something we both like. It’s funny because just the other night I was telling her, “If someone asks us how we became friends I’d answer, “I threatened her,”” which was partly true, because before we were friends, I was bullying her all the time for no reason at all, because that’s just how I used to be.


The Good and Beautiful

Kalos Kai Agathos (καλὸς κἀγαθός)


That Greek word is as lovely as it sounds. It translates to “the singular balance of the good and the beautiful,” which I have learned while re-reading Eat Pray Love. The peculiar thing about re-reading is that you pay attention to different things every single time, and it just so happened that this phrase struck a chord in me, owing to my situation at the moment. (So I will use this phrase in this context and this usage, as the definitions are not limited to just this one. )