Comeback CAT(s)

With the continual rising popularity of the local Indie scene as more and more bands emerge and fill up the roster – partly due to the pioneering of bands like Autotelic and Ang Bandang Shirley who have now become household names at concerts and gigs – how does one keep up and pick out the diamonds in the rough?

With intrigue and a bold statement.

Two of the many qualities that set apart a true gem of a band or musician from the rest; two qualities found in electro-pop band Caffeine and Taurine.

The promising now-five piece band continues to make quality music in all their humility and despite the staggered releases, they are certainly worth waiting for because Caffeine and Taurine delivers what you need; their pause from the music scene bred anticipation and agony but they’ve proven that their earworm-inducing tracks are worth the wait.

The year 2017 was a reset for the band, who had rediscovered themselves in different aspects: improved sound, a different dynamic, and higher hopes.


Last December, I threw a few questions for Caffeine and Taurine to ponder on, about their remake, endeavors, and identity in the local Indie scene, and their answers pretty much reveal their commitment to the band and future plans they are excited to share with their listeners.

Q: Why choose to release a remake, and why When the Sun Dies Out?
Brandon: When The Sun Dies Out’s remake is to show how we’ve grown from who we were when the first version was released; how we have improved, and matured. The first version sounds thin; unfinished and unpolished. We chose to remake When The Sun Dies Out not only because we believe that this is our best song, but it should also have the updated Caffeine and Taurine formula to better convey the emotions felt when the song was written. We also believe that the song is very relatable as relationships nowadays are easily ended because of the lack of trying to fix things.

Q: What do you think is CAT’s distinct sound this time around, and how did you express that in the remake?
Brandon: We have always wanted the core to sound the same but in an improved and matured way. This also reflects the evolution of our sound which was accompanied by the multiple changes the band went through. Our vocal ensemble and arpeggiated synths have always been there. We have strived to upgrade the formula, which is recognizable in this remake.

Q: This question is for the band, How was the journey towards creating WTSDO v.2 like? For the “old” members, what did you want to see happen?; New members, what was the CAT vibe like for you? (I’m asking this because there’s been a lot of changes in your dynamic in the band’s “early” years.)

Daniel: I wanted to hear “When The Sun Dies Out” like how I imagined it would sound like when we were recording the first version; hopeful and brave. I want the listener to find hope in this song. I’m delighted that I am now able to hear the sound I first heard in my head 3 years ago.

Brandon: I wanted the lyrics and the feel of the song to intertwine so that it comes out as it should be; full of emotions. We were hoping that this is something that people would like to sing their heart out, when they’re struggling with their relationship or when everything’s really falling out.

Patrick: Masaya naman. Lahat ng first time nararanasan ko sa inyo. Yung matagal ko nang gustong mangyare as a musician. Gig sa bar, mag publish ng music sa isang sikat na app na nag stream ng music and to be heard, photoshoot and all. And I’m happy kasi gusto ko din yung music na ginagawa namin.

Joshuel: Overall, i think the CAT‘s vibe is very refreshing. Their sound matches well with today’s youth and that impression never changed.


For a band that’s been through numerous potholes, their resilience emerges in their dedication to create music as a united front.


Fast forward to today, February 2018, Caffeine and Taurine had just guested on BPO Live Radio to showcase their old and new tracks, to promote their upcoming release/s, to which vocalist/synth Brandon Garcia quipped, “There’s a lot [to look forward to this year].”

They’ve progressed so much after recuperating in 2017, and much of the work poured out into their songs were done during this period. Their excitement should be enough of an assurance for their listeners and fans in looking forward to their releases this 2018.

One of the songs they performed live on BPO Radio is their upcoming track (that Brandon casually announced the release date being February 14th, but no promises.) called Here’s to Moving On– co-written by Daniel and Brandon, which was revealed to be a piece from back in 2015, is fueled by a personal, disheartening experience with a girl. The track evokes the sounds of The 1975, and Walk the Moon; it’s an upbeat heartbreak song, ironic at best, but most importantly, it is signature Caffeine and Taurine-catchy.

It’s difficult to stand out in a sea of fluctuating trends in the music industry, but CAT remains relevant, that because of the sureness of their sound and identity, they will continue to live on with 9 lives and counting.



If you missed out on the radio guesting, and their gig from last Saturday, be sure to catch them on their social media platforms for future schedules, and new releases.
Twitter: @CaffeineTaurine

Caffeine and Taurine’s music is available on major streaming sites if you want to check them out.

I Forget.

I forget that I am saved.

I forget that I am a masterpiece.

I forget that I am capable.

I forget that I am valuable.

I forget that I am free.


I am free to live.

I am free to learn.

I am free to speak up.

I am free to express myself.


I forget that I am free to use my talent to let the world know of the unfathomable love that my Savior has given me so freely.


I forget many things; trivial and vital.

I forget not on purpose.

I forget, and it isn’t good.

But when God forgets, it’s okay.

He forgets my sin.

He forgets my failures.

He forgets my transgressions.

He forgets my rebellion.

He forgets my hate.

He forgets my anger.

He forgets my punishment.

He forgets. Continuously.


But I forget to ask Him for forgiveness.



There are all too many things I forget, but at least I never forget that He loves me, and will continue to do so, even when I’ve completely forgotten about it all.






Thank you to my dear friend and mentor, Lara, for reminding me of my writing, reminding me of my identity in Christ, of reminding me of what I used to do, and what I can do. Thank you for reminding me of His Love.


After two years of being partly off the grid, the aesthetically-pleasing music makers from Caffeine and Taurine are back with a stronger kick ㅡ thanks to their new release, and the new additions to the band: Anthony Abitona on bass, and Joshuel Bautista on the keyboard. The two, along with CAT pillars Brandon Garcia who is now on synths and vocals, Nath Pelareja on drums, and Daniel Ching on guitar and vocals have returned with a fresh track that marks their return to the local music scene.


The Five People You Meet (SUITS Version)


If in this world, you are like me and you see yourself as the Mike Ross in this Pearson-Specter world, then you should remember these five people you meet.

They will either make you or break you, so you better learn how to read people and understand their roles in your life.

You will encounter success, heartbreak, failure, promotion, happiness, and even hopelessness, which all serves a purpose in the long run – and so do these people.

These are the kinds of people who will hammer you into a worthwhile individual – but you still have the final say what you become: a masterpiece, or a failure.